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Reviewed by Mike Szymanski

DVD Releases for June and July


Star Trek: Insurrection

Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart, F. Murray Abraham & LeVar Burton.

Not one of the most successful of the "Star Trek" films, Insurrection does have the feel of the old Generations TV series, and it's always nice to see the cast reunite. This time, Michael Dorn as Worf gets a bigger part as he seems to go “renegade” on his old pal Pickard since he's a commander now of his own ship. Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham, however, is the real bad guy, and the rest of the cast come together to foil an open rebellion against the Federation — challenging the principles upon which it was founded. The extras are particularly exciting with some never-before-seen footage of stunts staged by Rick Avery (including a 30-foot cliff fall that was cut from the film and an underwater sequence with Data) as well as a candid interview with director Frakes who tells some funny stories of the challenges to making this movie.

DVD Features:
Featurettes — "It Takes a Village"; "Location"
Interview with Michael Piller about revisions
Visual effects set-up
Archives and Trailers
Seven Deleted Scenes


Golden Blaze

Voices of Blair Underwood, Michael Clarke Duncan, Sanaa Lathan & Neil Patrick Harris.

The first full-length animated feature introducing an African-American superhero is being released exclusively by Warner Home Video. The story follows two schoolyard rivals who become puppets by their fathers who developed super powers in a freak accident. Boasting a "mult-cultural cast" of animated superheroes, Golden Blaze brings a little-known comic book craze to the DVD screen for the first time. It's action-packed, family friendly and very funny, too.

DVD Features:


Seed of Chucky

Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Brad Dourif, John Waters, Hannah Spearritt & Billy Boyd.

It's nice to see the Def Jam artist Redman in second billing of a major horror film franchise, but just like the “rules” set up in Scary Movie, you just know the brother isn't going to make through the movie alive. (Don't worry, it doesn't spoil anything — no one ever makes it out alive in a Chucky movie!) Bloodier, sillier, campier, sexier, if possible, this is an unrated version with extended scenes and Redman plays himself as a director/actor/rapper who's considering Jennifer Tilly to play the Virgin Mary in his upcoming film. Meanwhile, she's filming a movie based on the “real-life” Chucky murders. Yeah, it's as goofy as it sounds!

DVD Features:
Commentary by director Don Mancini and Tilly
Slashed scene
Family Hell-iday Slide Show
Tilly on The Tonight Show
Documentary: Conceiving Seed of Chucky
Heeeere's Chucky interview



Starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Adam Arkin, Robinne Lee & Michael Rapaport.

Will Smith can be romantic even when he's trying not to be. In this case he's a date doc who works his magic with couples, but always keeps a professional distance. However, his own advice doesn't seem to work on a gossip columnist he's smitten with, played by Mendes.

DVD Features:


Be Cool

Starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, The Rock, Vince Vaughn, Cedric the Entertainer, Andre 3000, Christina Milian & Greg Alan Williams.

Although it's a disappointing sequel to Get Shorty, it's worth watching Elmore Leonard's character Chili Palmer dive into the recording world and deal with rap stars and the sleazy music industry. And, the laughs come mostly from The Rock as a closeted gay guy, as well as Andre 3000 in his first major film role in a part that grew bigger and bigger as he ad-libbed off of Cedric the Entertainer. Director F. Gary Gray tells stories about the cast, especially Cedric and Andre, in the commentary and mini-docs.

DVD Features:
Deleted Scenes



Sara Foster, Devon Aoki, Meagan Good, Jordana Brewster, Jill Ritchie, Michael Clarke Duncan, Holland Taylor & Jessica Cauffiel.

Meagan Good, who played Beautiful in You Got Served, is the leader of this foursome of super-spies with skirts. She's sassy and deadly, but can't understand why her best friend, played by Sara Foster, is a bit obsessed with their arch-enemy Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster). Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan is one of the girls' teachers in this kitschy comedy written and directed by Angela Robinson who's helming Herbie: Fully Loaded, the Love Bug re-imaging coming out this summer.

DVD Features:


Roy Innes, Chuck Norris, Roy Rogers, Bob Chandler, Arestes Lorenzo & Joe Foss.

This all-American documentary by Westlake Entertainment looks at heroes, history and heritage by taking close looks at the lives of successful Americans. With interviews, commentary, news footage and some reenactments, the 45-minute documentary is being released just in time for Independence Day U.S. patriotism. Football legend Bob Chandler, astronaut Chuck Yeager, civil rights activist Roy Innes and cowboy star Roy Rogers are featured as well as lesser-known heroes like Arestes Lorenzo who risked his life to rescue his family from Communist Cuba; Larry Champagne III, the 10-year-old who saved his classmates by taking over a runaway bus when the driver had a stroke; and movie star Chuck Norris and his "Kick Drugs Out of America" campaign. The stories are inspirational and educational.

DVD Features:


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