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Bringing Intrigue, Passion,
and Meaning to Art

By Ann Marie Collymore

Being busy is an understatement for accomplished, award winning artist Michael Chambers. Fresh from finishing an exhibition in his homeland of Jamaica, Michael is immersed in work. For those of you not familiar with Michael’s projects, you may be surprised to know that you most likely are.
From his expressive ads for Oxfam and AIDS Awareness, to still pictures in the production of Kink In My Hair or Divine Brown’s album cover —you surely have been exposed.

With a background in African Art History, Michael fell into photography in his last year in school. With his belief in the body being one’s temple and pride, he decided to show art from a different perspective. Michael manifested his vision in compelling nude portraits, sending critics and art lovers into a puzzled and pensive state a la David by Michelangelo.

Michael’s stance is to present ideas and challenging thoughts, to make the body, mind and soul stand-alone and make the point. Not focusing on one medium, he prefers to do it all, support causes and be strong. Michael has quite a fewventures in the works. His debut feature film has already been shot. The Box will take the viewer on a journey to free themselves from the traditional classifications that burden society.

Michael’s other project in the works is The Others, which is a feature film about the Canadian cultural landscape shot from a child’s perception. And if that’s not enough, he will be in Nova Scotia for Black History Month with an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Yes, Michael Chambers is"the quintessential Canadian artist." With a mantra like "Don’t complain, do something about it" embedded in his psyche, Michael Chambers is an artist on the go. Just try to keep up.


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